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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung may have plenty of smartphones to pick between, but atop the pile sits the Galaxy S21 series.

The range comprises a 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, 6.7-inch S21+ 5G and 6.8-inch S21 Ultra 5G, and, given they were announced back in January last year, all three models are now available at a reduced price.

That's where this guide comes in. We'll be providing the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup all in one place, as well as a bit of context around what each phone provides.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 should also be arriving in February, so expect even bigger reductions to arrive soon to the S21 family.

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals


For those interested in the latest Samsung has to offer, this is likely the best bet. It's not the most high-spec in the lineup, but it does balance the feature set, design and specs to create a slightly more friendly price tag to its siblings - something that has only come down from the launch price of $799/£769, naturally. It means the standard Galaxy S21 is essentially an entry-level flagship phone, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

In our Galaxy S21 review, we noted: "[It] moves further from the Galaxy S21 Ultra with this latest iteration of device, drawing out more of a distinction than with the S20 models. There's a useful arrangement of cameras, a great display and a compact body offering waterproofing that packs in flagship-grade power. The Galaxy S21 is a great performer."

It's also available in two different variants itself, one with 128GB of storage, and another with 256GB. 

If you can't find a deal to your taste using the live widget above, here are some of the carriers offering the S21:

Samsung Galaxy S21+ deals


The Galaxy S21+ is essentially the same package as the standard model, with the key difference being its larger size and display, as well as a larger battery.

You can read all about the differences between the Galaxy S21 phones in our comparison piece, but another key consideration here is the price.

Though it can now be found much cheaper than the retail price of $999/£949, this is a sizeable jump over the standard edition of the device.

If you can't find a deal to your liking from the live widget above, here are some of the carriers offering the S21+:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deals


The Galaxy S21 Ultra sits atop the tree of Samsung smartphones, providing the most complete flagship experience the company provides - and, in our view, is one of the best smartphones you can buy.

Handily, with the device now reaching the end of its time at the top, it's also available for a slightly reduced rate at various retailers and carriers.

In our Galaxy S21 Ultra review, we said: "Performance is at the heart of what the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers and it's hard to be disappointed with the experience. It might take a little tinkering to get One UI software running at its best, but with a magnificent display, comprehensive cameras, and loads of power, there's very little that the S21 Ultra doesn't deliver."

Below are the latest SIM-free prices for the S21 Ultra. This phone began its life retailing for $1,199/£1,149 (128GB), though it's now available for less than this:

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If you can't find an offer you like using the live widget above, here are some of the carriers offering the S21 Ultra:

Writing by Conor Allison.